The mission of Borderlands Food Bank is to improve the quality of life of the people of Santa Cruz County, through our direct client service program, State of Arizona, other cities around the Nation and our sister city Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, and its surrounding municipalities through food distribution. Working in conjunction with social clubs, churches, civic organizations, food banks and national hunger relief organizations, Borderlands is determined to help wipe out the malnutrition and extinguish the flames of hunger in Arizona and across the Nation through the distribution of nutritious vegetables and fruits.

Borderlands services communities throughout the Arizona region including: Flagstaff, Tucson, Phoenix, Wilcox, Benson, Casa Grande, San Luis and many other cities. Our food bank is also very active in helping our sister city of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, with produce through our direct client service program and through our agency distribution program. It is our goal to continue to rescue produce and be a positive presence across Arizona, parts of the Nation and Mexico.

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Yolanda Soto - President CEO

2661 N. Donna Avenue
Nogales, AZ 85621
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Borderlands Food Bank is a vital factor to the health and well-being of Santa Cruz County, providing fresh nutritious produce to people in need, advocating for the hungry and undertaking the task of eradicating hunger. In Santa Cruz County we have more than 4000 households with over 16,000 individuals registered to receive our produce. We also have more than 280 registered non-profit agencies who receive our product for direct distribution to their clients, calculating another 100,000 individuals. Through a combination of partnerships, we have over 150 non-profit hunger organizations that are available to receive our produce at different times of the year all over the United States. 
The Food Bank solicits warehouses and distributes approximately 25 to 40 million pounds of produce per season; this product is made up of a variety of 39 different types of vegetables and fruit. The produce is first distributed in Santa Cruz County and second throughout the State of Arizona. Because we have such a large amount, and it is perishable, once we saturate Arizona we proceed to share the produce with food banks around the Nation. We are also fortunate in that we are an international organization and are able to share with our sister State of Sonora, Mexico.  

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